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Just the basics please

If you are in the widget business, are you making them or just selling them? Are you the shipper? Do you handle returns? Are you the company that makes the boxes the widgets are shipped in? Whatever your role may … Continue reading

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Talent vs. Effort

My blog. My rules. I use this forum for my selfish purposes. I am grateful for those of you who stop by, take a look and leave a comment. I love you no less if you don’t comment. So I’m … Continue reading

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My own dark clouds

I didn’t realize just how foretelling my last post would be. I was experiencing my own dark clouds and through a series of unfortunate events, I allowed my brain to take over and went through a period of depression and … Continue reading

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Dark clouds on the horizon

Help me with a little experiment.  From where you’re currently standing, can you see the horizon?  If you can, what do you see? If you can’t, what do you see? Is our view of what is on the horizon preventing … Continue reading

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Servant Leadership

They are not mutually exclusive terms. On the contrary. They are forever linked. There is a biblical story in the book of John, chapter 13. The end of Jesus’ life on earth was approaching and he knew it. But his … Continue reading

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