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What is your Everest?

What is your Everest? “It’s All About The Customer” was started to help you (me) offer better service to your (my) customers. The goal was to offer a level of service that customers would go out of their way to … Continue reading

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No joking here, only winners

The challenge for March was fun. It helped me be more focused. The constant writing has also helped drive blog visits up from 2000 visits in January to over 12000 visits by the end of March. I’m not here to … Continue reading

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No matter what you do

Where do you work? I don’t mean which company. But physically, where is your desk/cubicle/office/workspace located? Do you have contact with customers directly? No matter what you do, you have a hand in dealing with your customers. If you work … Continue reading

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Not a single brick out of place

Here at “It’s All About The Customer”, there wasn’t a blueprint on how this blog was supposed to look. Going back through the archives, you can see the changes since it started in December 2009. But there was always a … Continue reading

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The power of positive thinking . . . I think

Day No. 20 into my challenge for March. I was confident I would face the challenge head on and not waiver. So far, so good. Inspiration can come from many sources. Lately, it’s come from you, the reader. And for … Continue reading

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