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Number one excuse

Want to know what the #1 excuse for bad customer service is? I’ll share that tidbit with you tomorrow. But first, I’d like to hear what you think is the top reason. Is it lack of training? Lack of caring? … Continue reading

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Why is most service poor at best?

Have we grown accustom to receiving bad service that we no longer are outraged by it? Cellular phone providers, cable companies, banks and most utilities have some of the worst customer service known to man. “Your call is very important … Continue reading

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Opportunity Cost – How much does bad service cost?

Every decision you make has a cost associated with it. When you choose to do one thing, you can’t do something else in its place. Otherwise you would have chosen the other thing. The same can be said for good … Continue reading

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Bad Customer Experience – Who Do You Tell?

We did our regular Sunday night routine. Went to church. Left church. Went to a particular restaurant to get the regular order for Sunday nights. We’ve done this same routine more times than not. We go through the drive thru … Continue reading

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