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Take the high road

I received a phone call the other day from a very good friend, someone possessing a good moral code. He was presented with a situation at work in which he was being asked to make a choice between doing the … Continue reading

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Like a rock

Not speaking of the slogan used by a major car company. Or the Bob Seger album with the same title. In your decisions as a business owner, as a husband/wife/father/mother/person-in-general, are your principles on solid ground? Don’t just do something, … Continue reading

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Being alone can be good

Echoed by our second president, a common theme of the day involved choosing right over choosing popular. Most of us equate that with good character. “Always stand on principle….even if you stand alone.” John Adams, 2nd President of the United … Continue reading

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A character experience

It’s no secret. I love Disney. I get more excited about seeing some of the characters than do my kids. But the kind of character we should display shouldn’t come from a flashy costume. Rather, it should reveal who we … Continue reading

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Why do we have to be courageous?

In your business or personal life, do you stand alone? I’m talking about taking a leap of faith or standing up for what is right, not to show off, but because it is a showing of your character. Do you … Continue reading

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