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Come early, stay late

Dedication. Willingness. Determination. While I am a proponent of the work-life balance (thank you Jeff for the reminders), there are times when there may not be a good substitute for working long hours. Deadlines, projects and extraordinary circumstances may call … Continue reading

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Can you see the road ahead?

So you’ve reviewed your business plan.¬†You’ve picked out a location. You’ve got a marketing plan in place. You’ve hired the right people. Can you see where you’re going? We get caught up in the planning that we sometimes fail to … Continue reading

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Should you let them see you sweat?

Sometimes work is a breeze. You’re hitting on all cylinders. Product inventory is in, customers are happy, sales are up. Life is good. But inside you’ve got butterflies the size of a jumbo jet doing somersaults in your stomach. You … Continue reading

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So much time and so little to do

“Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.” It’s usually the other way around. Lots to do and little time to get it done. Why? Is it that we fill our lives so full of busy work that the meaningful stuff … Continue reading

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May I interest you in some air?

How much confidence do you have in your dreams? Do you believe in your ideas? Could you sell a fish a glass of water? Are you bold enough to bag air and sell it? Somebody did. Don’t laugh because you … Continue reading

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