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Lost on a shelf

  I was cleaning off a bookcase today. It had become a convenient dumping area instead of an organized storage space. One of the shelves had a box. And in that box we’re several books that a good friend sent … Continue reading

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What are you trying new today?

There is no doubt it takes courage to try something new. Someone, somewhere is going to take the step today and enter unchartered (for them) territory. Do you dream of what could be? Go ahead and take a risk. Take … Continue reading

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Who’s going to turn on the light?

The sun is coming up and will shine its light into the darkness. Rats fleeing a sinking ship. Cockroaches hiding as the light is flipped on. The same thing happens to evil when you expose it to light. It scatters, … Continue reading

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You’ve at least got to start

Thanks to a life long friend for the reminder that in order to achieve success, you’ve got to start the journey. How can I (insert anything here)? You take the first step.¬†What does the first step look like? It can … Continue reading

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