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Resolutions = change

In order for resolutions to work there has to be a change. And bringing a resolution to its completion requires a change. A farmer plants a seed, nurtures it with water, sunshine and occasionally provides food for it in order … Continue reading

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What is your Everest?

What is your Everest? “It’s All About The Customer” was started to help you (me) offer better service to your (my) customers. The goal was to offer a level of service that customers would go out of their way to … Continue reading

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That dreaded word – A-U-D-I-T

We were audited recently. No, not by the IRS. But our company contracts with another company to do surprise visits and evaluate our stores. They grade things like how well the store looks, displays that are correctly merchandised, wall sections … Continue reading

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Go back to the beginning – It’s never too late to restart

It’s a safe bet to say that most of you reading this blog have played the classic Hasbro board games Monopoly or Sorry!. Both games involve starting over for one reason or another. We even have to reset our computers … Continue reading

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