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Don’t let the learning stop

Does your business provide continuing education? If not, do you go out and invest your own money in your own future? There are plenty of free opportunities for continuing the education long after the student loans have been paid. Keep … Continue reading

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May I interest you in some air?

How much confidence do you have in your dreams? Do you believe in your ideas? Could you sell a fish a glass of water? Are you bold enough to bag air and sell it? Somebody did. Don’t laugh because you … Continue reading

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What are you planning for?

This sign greets students at a local middle school as they walk in their building. Talk about planting a seed of inspiration early. If you think about it, that’s less than 7 years down the road. Where will you be … Continue reading

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What if . . .

. . . this is what you’re faced with? And instead of your name, it was the name of your business? If we had tombstones for all the businesses that have started and failed over the last 20 years, we … Continue reading

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When elephants fly

On the heels of yesterday’s post, here is another thought on what might happen if you step out of your comfort zone and take a risk on achieving your goals or dreams. You might see an elephant fly. Or you … Continue reading

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