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Pick a number

I want you to try an experiment. Get 20 pieces of paper and a hat. Write down percentages on the pieces of paper starting with 5% and finishing with 100% in increments of 5. Place the pieces of paper in … Continue reading

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Staying the course

It can get pretty scary out there. Staying focused on your goals is tough enough. If you lose sight of where you’re headed and in stead focus on the distractions along they way, well, not only will it take longer … Continue reading

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What is your story?


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From here to a star

Goals. Realistic goals. Impossible goals. Goals are necessary for direction. And if they’re not impossible, how will you know just how far you can reach? 1. Make your goal specific. 2. Give it time. 3. Remind yourself daily of your … Continue reading

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Day 1

Happy New Year! Today is day 1 of a new book . . . your journey into 2013. What are you willing to accept today as the right step toward making your dreams come true? Is it different from what … Continue reading

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