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What do you do with a 9-pound lemon?

You make a whole bunch of lemonade. When situations arise, when life throws you a curve, when you don’t get your way . . . it might be time to re-evaluate your goals. Maybe your goal was too low. Maybe … Continue reading

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You’re grounded

No. You’re not in trouble. While it may be a fairly common punishment for children, it’s got a different meaning for adults. To be “well grounded” means living a life based on a solid foundation, based on reality, principled. While … Continue reading

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Somehow we win out

I’ve spoken¬†written a lot recently about goals and what we are doing to achieve them. I’ll let the words of President Reagan relay the sentiment for today. Be well, my friends. May you reach your goal. “My philosophy of life … Continue reading

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I’m not finished, I just made a mistake

How committed are you to your vision? Here are a few ideas that may help you as a leader with regard to your commitment: Commit to the vision Help communicate the vision Lead by example Be consistent Allow for mistakes … Continue reading

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Like a rock

Not speaking of the slogan used by a major car company. Or the Bob Seger album with the same title. In your decisions as a business owner, as a husband/wife/father/mother/person-in-general, are your principles on solid ground? Don’t just do something, … Continue reading

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