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Second in command

When we think of leadership or leaders, we sometimes overlook who is second in command. Whether we are talking about a company, community organization or government, we often fail to notice the number two person. A few years ago I … Continue reading

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Servant Leadership

They are not mutually exclusive terms. On the contrary. They are forever linked. There is a biblical story in the book of John, chapter 13. The end of Jesus’ life on earth was approaching and he knew it. But his … Continue reading

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Future leaders

Is a leader born knowing how to lead? A simple question but a complicated answer. While you ponder that, a group from a local business association of which I’m a part, decided to work with local elementary schools through a … Continue reading

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B-flat or A-sharp?

As a leader, it’s up to you to set the tone of your organization. And not to overuse musical terms, but is it upbeat or a downbeat? Does it need a tune up?   Tweet

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How do you inspire?

It’s not always about keeping your employees from NOT doing things, but rather encouraging them to DO things. You lead them by doing things for their benefit . . . show them how it’s done. Yes, it’s a lot of … Continue reading

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