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How do you inspire?

It’s not always about keeping your employees from NOT doing things, but rather encouraging them to DO things. You lead them by doing things for their benefit . . . show them how it’s done. Yes, it’s a lot of … Continue reading

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Something for somebody

Do you include giving as a part of your life? I’m not talking about giving back. I am referring to the way you use your talents and gifts to benefit others. If you’re rich, you can give money. If you’re … Continue reading

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How can you help lead?

The answer is simple. Be a better follower. Michael Hyatt (former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers) suggested five characteristics of great followers: They are clear. They are obedient. They are servants. They are humble. They are loyal. Followership comes before leadership. … Continue reading

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Tapped in

My life just got a bit better and a little more hectic. I’ve been tapped to be a leader. I can’t name the opportunity just yet. But as the opportunity was presented to me, my mind started working on just … Continue reading

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The knack

There is a reason I kept a folder in my email inbox titled “stuff to keep”. It was a collection of things that I believed were important. Due to issues beyond my control we are changing our internet service provider … Continue reading

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