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How good are you at guiding your team through challenges? You may be a forward thinker, always looking ahead to how the current situation can affect the bottom line of your business. Or you may have the capacity to see … Continue reading

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A quick internet search on leadership and millions of websites are referenced in under a second. Where do you start? You could check out this page. Or you could just look at the word for a moment. You can’t spell … Continue reading

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Carpe this diem

An opportunity has come up and it’s time to take charge. Using your talents and education, you recognize the situation needs someone to take the lead. But you’ve never done this job before. What do you do? 1. Assemble a … Continue reading

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Stalking vs. Involved

What kind of style represents the way you lead? Do you stand on the sidelines remaining clean and pristine? Or are you getting dirty in the trenches? I’m thankful for a leadership team that gets in the trenches with me … Continue reading

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My encouragement to you

Time to toot the rusty old horn a bit. And it is only to inspire you to do something great today. Because I believe that you’ve got the ability to be awesome today with the right motivation. If you don’t … Continue reading

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