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Opposites attract

I guess it also works in this situation too. The strong will realize when there really is no argument present. The weak will attempt to divert attention away from the real issue. You will never force the fool to understand … Continue reading

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How can you help lead?

The answer is simple. Be a better follower. Michael Hyatt (former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers) suggested five characteristics of great followers: They are clear. They are obedient. They are servants. They are humble. They are loyal. Followership comes before leadership. … Continue reading

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Come early, stay late

Dedication. Willingness. Determination. While I am a proponent of the work-life balance (thank you Jeff for the reminders), there are times when there may not be a good substitute for working long hours. Deadlines, projects and extraordinary circumstances may call … Continue reading

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Did you move?

No. I didn’t move. Thank you for asking. Someone commented that they kept checking in but they didn’t find anyone answering the door when they knocked. I missed some time blogging on a regular basis. To my loyal followers, I … Continue reading

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What do you celebrate?

What are the milestones you celebrate in your business? Is it meeting a sales goal? Is it when you receive praise from one of your customers? Is it personal accomplishments as you watch a team member better themselves?  Are you … Continue reading

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