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Check your mission statement, your employee handbook, your own vernacular. Are you using large, copious, voluminous words to make your point? Chances are they also make it into your vocabulary when talking with your customers. Keep it simple. And make … Continue reading

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They are everywhere

We couldn’t get away from them. They were everywhere. They mobbed our tables. They took our samples. They asked questions. They thanked us. They are our new customers. Will all of them shop with us? No way. Were some of … Continue reading

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A pressing moment in time

Boy did he make an impression. Inspiration for June at It’s All About The Customer continues with today’s post dedicated to Johannes Guttenberg. That’s a name that will not pass the spell checker. But thanks to Guttenberg, this blog and … Continue reading

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What are you afraid of?

Social Media. Does it scare you? To some people, it’s like talking to them about Nuclear Armageddon. Between blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., it is tough to be a successful business without embracing some form of social media. Some companies cite … Continue reading

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