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What do you say?

You have an hour to talk, listen and answer questions. It’s on a topic about which you are passionate. What do you say? Where do you begin? Will people want to hear me? Will there be more than one person … Continue reading

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Pay Attention

Details, shmetails. Nitpicking. Demanding. Overcritical. Hypercritical. Choose whatever word you want to describe it. Paying attention to even the smallest detail can result in huge rewards. You don’t do the details to showcase them in the end. The details, nitpicking … Continue reading

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"It’s kind of fun to do the impossible."

I put it in quotes for a reason. It’s a quote from Walt Disney. I recently participated in the Disney Approach to Leadership Excellence program at the Walt Disney World’s Beach Club Resort. One of the facilitators of the program … Continue reading

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Cannot vs. Can-DO

A few months ago I had the urge to put some of my thoughts on paper. This came about after returning from a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in central Florida. Sure, I enjoyed the rides, and the … Continue reading

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