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It’s the service not the food

Not only were we being trained to be better leaders we also received broad instructions on what to do with it. So it was up to us to figure it out. Fold the placards, place them on each table. Then … Continue reading

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It was only $2.32

I’m married to a shopaholic. Rather, I’m married to a coupon-a-holic. If it’s not on sale or there isn’t a coupon attached to it, chances are it’s not going to be bought. If it is, there is grumbling. So when … Continue reading

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If you could see his face

You had to be there. Oh wait . . . I was. Following up on yesterday’s post, I delivered the pin. He smiled from ear to ear. He was still smiling when I went by after work. He’s probably going … Continue reading

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WOW Moments

Have you experienced a WOW moment today?Disney believes so much in creating magical WOW moments for their guests that they held a competition a couple of years ago to see who would be their Chief Magic Official. Through a long … Continue reading

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