How remarkable are you?

Many years ago, I had a math professor who would randomly throw in some English lessons during Math class. It had to do with any word that started with “re” like refrigerate, regret and remark. He would ask if you “re” something, what was that something to begin with that needed to be done over? Like regret. How do you gret something in order to regret it?

Take the word remarkable. If you use my professor’s logic, in order for something to be remarkable it first needs to be markable, or able to be marked . . . hmmm. Why would you mark something? Because it’s special? Because it stands out from other things around it?

That’s the very definition of remarkable. Something that worthy of notice or attention.

Is your business worthy of notice or attention? Are you doing something to stand out in your organization? Or are you just another cog in a machine? It may take a while for you to be noticed. But something worthy of being remarkable goes beyond just being noticed. You can run down the street naked and get noticed. That doesn’t make it remarkable.

Fireworks aren’t remarkable. Fireworks that explode in the shape of the Empire State Building . . . . now that’s remarkable!

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