How do you arrange your bills?

Each of us has a certain way that we arrange the cash in our register each day. Our preferences may be dictated by personalities, store consensus, whether we are left handed or right handed, or without any structured way. I arrange mine the same way everyday – from the right facing left . . . ones, fives, tens and twenties. The coins go right to left starting with pennies, nickels, dimes then quarters. All bills are face up and everything is stacked neatly. I learned long ago that doing it this way minimizes mistakes in counting.

Up until today, I would always put the older bills on top. The newer bills have either a different color scheme from the older ones or have a larger image depicted on the face (Lincoln, Jackson, Franklin, etc.) so it was easy to find the older, worn out bills and get rid of them first by placing them on top of each stack.

Why do it differently? One of the tellers at a bank branch we use for one of our stores would always give me the best bills in her drawer. This was a common practice for her that I observed every time she took our deposit and gave us any necessary change in return. Any bills that we gave as part of our deposit that were worn out would also be separated. If we needed additional change she would only give us the best out of her drawer. I asked her once why she did it this way and she said she likes to give the best she has. Her customers appreciate it. Well, that has been several months and I’m just now getting it.

Our customers deserve our best at every level. That includes seemingly small details like money. This may be a detail that your customers may NEVER appreciate. But it is rooted in an overall attitude of exceeding the average. We can raise the bar of what is average by incorporating this attitude in everything we do for our customers. That’s how we become outstanding in our industry. That’s how we become the benchmark by which others compare themselves.

So, are you going to give your best at every level? How are you going to arrange your bills?

BTW . . . look at the picture above. Do you notice the bills are not all aligned alike? Pay attention to the details! Somebody is and it’s best if we’re the ones doing it.

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3 Responses to How do you arrange your bills?

  1. 2000 building code says:

    I like your point about "it is rooted in an overall attitude of exceeding the average." So many time this is forgotten but it goes along way.

  2. David Balentine says:

    Some may excel in certain areas but not in others. If we approach everything we do with the same attitude of going above and beyond what is expected, then we eventually will set a new standard of what is expected.

  3. Bethanne Bryant Crawford says:

    O.K. David,
    I noticed the bills were facing different directions before you mentioned it. With my OCD tendencies, I had a hard time reading to the bottom of the post . I thought everyone knew that all the presidents should face to the right. The quarters and dimes ar o.k., but the nickels and pennies … oh my.

    I love the teller's response to giving you the "best" bills. I try to practice that with my students. When they come to class without a pencil, I'll give them a new, unsharpened one. I want them to know that little things (like a new pencil) can mean the difference in a good paper and an excellent paper. Didn't we learn this from a higher teacher? His principles reach further (or is that "farther"? I know, I'm an English teacher and I should know this) than the Kingdom. These are principles for us to live a good life.

    Love your blog!!

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