Everybody suits up

Time to suit up

Pick your analogy.

Football players on the same team wear the same uniform.

Most fast food chains have the same uniform.

If you are a seasoned veteran of Disney theme parks, I bet you can match the uniform with the attraction.

What about your business? Are you proud to wear your “uniform”? Is your company proud to have you on their team?

As a leader, it’s your duty to help your employees understand just how important their individual contribution is to your company.

Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 100 company, everybody suits up.

Or nobody wins.

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4 Responses to Everybody suits up

  1. jeff noel says:

    Suit up or nobody wins. Catchy.
    Whether it’s cloths or attitude, suit up. 🙂

  2. David says:

    Ah yes. You caught it.
    It’s not doom and gloom. But if your team doesn’t suit up, play by the same rules, or follow the same vision, it does make for a bumpy road.

  3. Patty Hebert says:

    The power in suiting up is amazing. Our pilgrimage group to World Youth Day is currently designing a tshirt and flag. Both items are for group identity and safety — follow the flag. Watch the bright red tshirts around you.

    The process is bringing our little band of pilgrims even closer. Do companies give employees say in their uniform design?

  4. David says:

    Patty, that reminds me of certain tourist groups when I’ve visited Walt Disney World.

    I would say that most companies have guidelines for how they wear their uniform. What I don’t like is when I can’t tell an employee from a customer when I go to a business.

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