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Or vomet. The next time you think you want to complain about “a hard pill to swallow” remember this. . . “It sucks to upchuck.” PS. This was my favorite of all the letters. Tweet

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A necessary evil. Until we invent a way to get the medication into the bloodstream in a more efficient manner, needles are necessary. Even though she’s afraid of them, Karla made a choice to have a subq port. This is … Continue reading

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If you didn’t know about melanoma, read the writing below. The text is small in the picture above so I’ve retyped it. “Melanoma is a type of skin cancer. It is normally an adult disease. In my case, it’s more … Continue reading

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No. I didn’t skip a letter. Cassandra calls it “Li’l Miracles”. She writes about how they can be big or small like: finishing chemo getting a call from a friend just to say hi tumors going away without chemo or … Continue reading

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Starting with a wish

The C word. The big C. Specifically, it’s ALL – acute lymphoblastic leukemia – a disease that in 1964 had a survival rate of 4 percent. Today, thanks to research and technological advances, that number has soared to a 94 … Continue reading

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