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Shoot really straight

A friend who has followed “It’s All About The Customer” for quite a while now sent me the following message. “I thought of you the other day. I had a customer come in the store looking for something for his … Continue reading

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De-fence, De-fense

A fence can be used as a decoration or as a boundary. But when do you need a fence? What about a defense? A defense is necessary when there is an offense. Stay with me here. There’s a point. How … Continue reading

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Just an old sweet song

I had just moved to Atlanta in May of 1984. Having worked at Six Flags during the Summer of 1983, it was a natural fit to work there again following the permanent move. One Saturday evening in early June, I … Continue reading

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I got an email message from a LinkedIn group to which I belong advertising for a “Customer-Centric” Leader. defines customer-centric as: “An approach to doing business in which a company focuses on creating a positive consumer experience at the … Continue reading

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