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But if you will, hear me

We often ask our listener to pay attention as if we have some profound wisdom to share. And we very well might have THE answer being sought. Much of 2020 was filled with noise. The constant regurgitation of topics that … Continue reading

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EILNST In that order the letters do not appear to spell anything. Rearrange them and you get the word LISTEN. An often underused talent, I believe we have two ears and only one mouth for a reason. “The word ‘listen’ … Continue reading

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Before you leave

Target House. . . an apartment style building built by Target for families of children whose treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is scheduled to last longer than 3 months. Each apartment is fully furnished. Other amenities include: Free … Continue reading

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Good Service vs. Great Service

The Disney Institute recently put out this request on Twitter and Facebook. “In a word or two, reply to tell us what you think distinguishes good service from great service.”Here are some of the responses received from around the world: Great … Continue reading

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Curb Service

When you mention the words “curb service” what comes to mind? Depending on when you grew up you might be familiar with some of the old-fashioned drive in diners that dotted the highways and byways throughout the country. Most small … Continue reading

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