Customer Expectations

I had an employee who was having an allergic reaction to some medication last night so I had to go cover a store at closing. Fortunately I live close by so I was able to get there so he could go to a clinic and get checked out.

While I didn’t have a sale, I did have a customer come in who was in a hurry. He threw a lot of questions my way and seemed very rushed. It appeared that he really didn’t want to wait for the answer. He was wanting the “Reader’s Digest” explanation to a “War and Peace” question.

Earlier in the day, an employee talked about his microwave. I remembered this after the customer left. And then it hit me . . . this customer wanted a gourmet meal in microwave time. I tried my best not to adapt my responses to his seemingly frantic questions. But maybe that was what he expected. Was he wanting a rapid-fire quick answer to his questions? Would that have better met his expectations so a sale could have been made?

It’s not always best to mirror the posture of your customer. If they come in angry, it will not be in your best interest to become angry. Instead, if their emotion is negative you should take on a positive tone. Don’t add fuel to their fire!

Blow them away by giving them their gourmet meal in the time it takes to fix it in a microwave.

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