I pressed on

Your current state is not your permanent location.

In case you need this today,

  • you are not a failure
  • you are not a waste of space
  • you are loved
  • you are wanted
  • I believe in you

You’ve got this whatever it is.

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Out of nowhere

An idea seemingly out of nowhere

Where do you go for inspiration? Are you constantly looking or do you sit back and wait?

Inspiration can appear when you least expect it. Inspiration can come and go, but does it really go away?

If you find yourself needing inspiration and are stuck, here are a few strategies that might allow inspiration to enter your view:

  • Change your view. Get outside, go for a walk or move out of your office cubicle.
  • Don’t be afraid of fear. Ask yourself, “What would I do if fear wasn’t present?”
  • Surround yourself with inspiring people.

Realize you may be in a season where inspiration is lacking. It’s okay. Eliminate the pressure we often put on ourselves to constantly be inspired. Sometimes it just needs to happen naturally.

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Normal is no longer normal

Do you blow up over something out of the norm?

Have you noticed that people around you seem to be on edge more than in the past? You’re not alone and recent research may suggest why.

According to a research study out of Boston College, among U.S. adults aged 18-29, the impact on mental health was even more severe. Rates of anxiety and depression increased to 65 percent and 61 percent, respectively, of the respondents in that age group, according to the report.

Unfortunately, this is something that will take time to correct. That doesn’t mean that we sweep the problems under the rug or hide them in a closet. Depression and anxiety look ugly and we don’t want everyone to see our version of ugly. While we don’t need to parade them around as a badge of honor, we don’t want to ignore the permanent damage anxiety and depression can cause if left untreated.

Here is a prayer for you today and any day where you think you can’t take it anymore.

Dear Lord, I thank you that I can come to You always for any reason. I’m grateful that when I pray to You, You answer me. Help me to come to You at the beginning of my fears and anxieties instead of waiting until I can’t stand them anymore. The quicker I come to You the better. You want to free me from ALL my fears. Help me look to You for help more often so that I can reflect Your joy. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

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Life moves on

Literally. Live moves. Death follows but thankfully more life is created than death destroys.

But for me, I’ve moved to Florida to take on a new job as dorm supervisor at a Christian college near Tampa. But don’t let the name fool you. While we hold daily chapel services, offer Bible degrees and take yearly visits to the Holy Lands, we still have our problems facing all of us: alcohol abuse, pornography, dishonesty, cheating, plagiarism, etc.; things you would see in about every single institution of higher learning.

No one is immune.
No family is immune.
No school is immune.

The cure is Jesus.

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Monday’s Motivation – February 15, 2021

Welcome to Motivation Monday #3.

Do you ever feel like you are working in a vacuum? Nobody can see what you’re doing and they definitely can’t hear you. So how do you continue working toward your goals?

“You have to find your own applause.” jeff noel

That’s right. “Smith, party of one” standing in front of a mirror applauding your successes however minor might be the way you keep going.

You also don’t need to wait until you’ve achieved your goal to celebrate milestones along the way. Are you training for a marathon? You don’t start out running 26.2 miles on the first day. So you start with a 5K goal and celebrate when you accomplish it. Then a 10K. Then a half marathon. Your first goal may even be going to buy the right shoes!

Don’t be afraid to celebrate. Be genuinely happy for your accomplishments.

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