How can we use senses to work for us? Touch

How much do we pay attention to the senses when it comes to customer interaction? What we smell, what we can feel, what we see, what we taste and what we hear. How can we use the senses to work for us? How can we use them to enhance the level of customer service we already give?


A 2008 study at OSU found that if people spent 30 seconds touching an object instead of just 10 seconds, they were willing to pay more for it that they otherwise would have.

So, how well do you know your products? Can you take 30 seconds to properly describe the product? What are its features? What are the benefits? What are the cost savings? Is there an added value to the customer?

There is no doubt that the popularity of Cyber Monday – the online world’s version of Black Friday – will continue to grow. Retailers are spending millions of dollars to attract more online business. Flashy websites, bargain prices, and trendy packaging are a few areas that retailers and marketing gurus focus a majority of their budget on each year. But there is a segment of the buying public that will only buy a product if they can physically put their hands on it.

Put the product in the customer’s hand. Start talking. Start marketing. Know when to stop talking.

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