Bold - can't hide it.

Bold – can’t hide it.

Are you so bold that you share your vision with everyone? Why or why not? Afraid?

This restaurant claims on the outside of their building that quality service is in their recipe. That’s a bold claim for a fast food chain that isn’t known for service.

What do you want to be known for?

If it’s something new, Be bold!

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Are you brave enough?

From my first 10K.

From my first 10K.

What is keeping you from trying?

It’s the fear of the unknown that’s holding you back, right? Is it ignorance? That can be fixed.

Here is the question you can ask yourself. Are you brave enough to fail?

I hadn’t trained properly for my first 10k . I just knew I wanted to do it and now I’ll probably keep participating until my body can’t do it any more. I didn’t start until I was 49. Don’t know if that’s important or not.

Don’t be afraid of failure. If we were, we would be stuck in the Stone Age.

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Something for somebody

A world-class clinician sharing his talents with middle school musicians.

A world-class clinician sharing his talents with middle school musicians.

Do you include giving as a part of your life?

I’m not talking about giving back. I am referring to the way you use your talents and gifts to benefit others.

If you’re rich, you can give money. If you’re a gifted musician you can teach others how to perfect their art. If you are a talented engineer, you might design artificial legs that help people with spinal cord injuries walk again.

But what if you’re none of these? Do you risk doing nothing because you think you have nothing?

One thing we all have is time. Most of us have hands, ears and shoulders. You can listen to someone who is grieving, you can hold the hand of someone dying, you can hug someone who is lonely.

Do something for somebody rather than risk doing nothing for nobody.

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Secret Tips

No secrets about this signature.

No secrets about this signature.

How much are you willing to pay to find out the secret to success?

I’ll admit. I’ve spent a lot of money and so have others in order to receive training and education in their respective fields. It’s great to learn and share and grow.

But there’s one thing in common that all of these seminars and workshops have.

They don’t have any secrets to success. As a matter of fact, the secret is, there is no secret.

“The big secret in life is there is no secret. Whatever your goal. You can get there if you’re willing to work.” Oprah Winfrey

One of the biggest success stories of the 20th century and beyond. Born into poverty, raised in inner-city Milwaukee, sexually abused and became a mom . . . all by the time she was 14.

Set goals. Work hard.

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It’s catching on

Looks like somebody is getting the message.

Looks like somebody is getting the message.

We were walking through the Georgia Dome back in November during a band competition. My son sees this sign and yells to me “Hey dad. They know you!”

Not yet son. Not yet.

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Bottom line

I wonder if they involve the world in their bottom line.

I wonder if they involve the world in their bottom line.

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase it. They either focus on increasing revenues or decreasing costs.

Instead of it being an either/or situation, how about giving your employees greater ownership in the company? I don’t mean making a new employee Chairman of the Board. Allow me to explain.

There is a strong correlation between a successful company and having an effective goal setting process, where each employee OWNS the goal setting process. Managers and executives should be helping each employee set goals. So by fully engaging your team and encouraging everyone to focus and achieve these goals together, you’ve set the stage for everyone to have a greater sense of loyalty and commitment to the company.

So, is it time for you to have strategic goals in place that allows your employees to use their talents without limitations?

The bottom line says this leads to greater job satisfaction, improved morale and employee retention because your organization is staffed with a workforce of people who are highly productive, skilled and committed to doing their very best.

Yes. It really can happen that way. What’s stopping you?

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Put me in coach

Are they there because their leader said so? Or do they want to be there?

Are they there because their leader said so? Or do they want to be there?

Recruitment. Where do you look for talent? Especially when it relates to strengthening your brand.

Do you have an endless supply of talented sales people who are clamoring to rise in your organization? Or are you pushing employees into upper management positions they won’t like?

In order to be successful, we should be recruiting the best people who have the right character for our business.

And recognize that those people become a part of your brand.  There’s really no secret to getting it done. Brand “you” is about creating a consistent message for your business and making sure it comes through whenever and wherever you interact with the public.

So go out there and be remarkable today!

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