You have one job

imageMeet Elisa. She’s the one carrying the umbrella on the left.

Why is she carrying an umbrella? Well besides the obvious fact that it’s raining, she is out there because of where she works and what this location means to the community.

I spoke with the business owner to get her name. He said it’s what they do all the time. The rain falls and the umbrellas come out escorting patrons to and from their vehicles.

Have you EVER had this kind of experience at any other fast food chain? Casual restaurant? Maybe the kind of service you would get at a five-star location. But you’d be hard pressed to get it at McBurger something.

Are you giving your customers your unexpected best?

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4 Responses to You have one job

  1. Patty Hebert says:

    We are getting one here in Framingham.

    • David says:

      I can give menu recommendations. But it may be best to discover your favorites. 🙂

      If the new location in Framingham is anything like what we have in Hiram, you’ll be blessed. . . . continually.

  2. jeff noel says:

    David, this post nails it. Be so amazing, it’s remarkable.

    • David says:

      I had an interesting discussion with the owner/operator – Kurt. I’ve frequented this location many times. So much so they recognize me and call me by name. I told Kurt I was going to write a letter. He said this is their normal practice. When the rain falls the umbrellas go up. This was the first time I had witnessed this practice. He spoke as though it was just another thing they do for their customer. . . just as vital as cooking their food correctly. Their service extended beyond the four walls of the restaurant. 🙂

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