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You have one job

Meet Elisa. She’s the one carrying the umbrella on the left. Why is she carrying anĀ umbrella? Well besides the obvious fact that it’s raining, she is out there because of where she works and what this location means to the … Continue reading

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How far would I travel?

Inviting atmosphere. Quality service. Great people. These are phrases you hear when consumers are asked about why they shop at a particular store that might not be the closest or most convenient location for them. How far would you go … Continue reading

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A new normal

I believe in a new normal. While commenting on a friend’s blog I realized that we are part of a tribe that no longer accepts the current status quo as the norm. The belief that we all can do better, … Continue reading

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What are you giving away today?

When was the last time you bought a book? Wait, it’s 2011. Sorry to be so outdated. When was the last time you downloaded a book in electronic form to your e-reader of choice? Was it from a best-selling author? … Continue reading

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Incredibly Different

A good friend, and the internet’s only 5-a-day blogger, just returned from a whirlwind trip to Oregon recently and posted a very short video of his experience from that weekend. And by very short, it’s only 38 seconds long. One of the lines you hear … Continue reading

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