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New life out of tragedy

A customer came in last night looking for a particular item. It was going to be a special order item and the customer was willing to wait. No problem she said. It was the way she said it that caught … Continue reading

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A common term in the real estate business. Banking too. You don’t work in either of these industries? No problem. How often do you get an appraisal on your business? On yourself? A good friend asked me a beautiful question … Continue reading

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Future leaders

Is a leader born knowing how to lead? A simple question but a complicated answer. While you ponder that, a group from a local business association of which I’m a part, decided to work with local elementary schools through a … Continue reading

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Get out

It’s not about leaving your comfort zone. Although if you are uncomfortable doing this, get comfortable in your uncomfortableness. Getting out of the confines of your business are important to reach a new audience and expand your territory.¬†And expand yourself. … Continue reading

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Opposites attract

I guess it also works in this situation too. The strong will realize when there really is no argument present. The weak will attempt to divert attention away from the real issue. You will never force the fool to understand … Continue reading

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