Future leaders

Local business owners and leaders making connections.

Local business owners and leaders making connections.

Is a leader born knowing how to lead? A simple question but a complicated answer.

While you ponder that, a group from a local business association of which I’m a part, decided to work with local elementary schools through a reading program. We go in once every few months and are assigned a class in the K-2 range and read them a book.

A question I’m asking myself . . . can we make a difference with just a periodic influence? Maybe we should increase our presence to once a month. What about once a week? Every day perhaps?

It’s not about another accomplishment on my LinkedIn profile. It’s not screaming “look at me, look at me” . . .

What are you doing to build the next generation of leaders? Don’t let your (my) obsession with electronic gadgetry (put the phone down) get in the way of personal connections.

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