Do you know where you are?

100_2873Sometimes we have to be told.

It can be to ground us or to inspire us.

And, in a word, it can simply refer to a land mass in the western hemisphere that separates the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It can be North, Central, Latin or South.

But to most of us, it is simply home. A home that is founded on liberty and freedom, ideals that should never be taken for granted.

Keep your spirit high. Face new frontiers. Spread your golden dreams.*

*Lyrics adapted from Golden Dream (by Randy Bright with additional lyrics by Lynn Hart, music by Robert Moline, vocals by Richard Page and Siedah Garrett)

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2 Responses to Do you know where you are?

  1. jeff noel says:

    To be born an American is perhaps the most under rated blessing ever.

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