Carpe this diem

20130925-095936.jpgAn opportunity has come up and it’s time to take charge.

Using your talents and education, you recognize the situation needs someone to take the lead. But you’ve never done this job before. What do you do?

1. Assemble a team of motivated individuals to work with you.
2. Establish goals for your project based on feedback from management.
3. Listen to your team. The next idea can come from anywhere.
4. Communicate the mission to all parties.
5. Follow up weekly/daily to track progress and encourage others to reach their goals.
6. Celebrate individual accomplishments along the way.

Have faith. Now go lead!

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2 Responses to Carpe this diem

  1. jeff noel says:

    Do you have a for instance?

    • David says:

      I will in about a week. An opportunity has arisen and I have put myself out there to take the lead. Details to follow. 🙂

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