Are you having fun?

Life has its ups and downs. When I visited St. Jude, I expected it to be a downer. Boy was I wrong. I was encouraged by their resiliency and their determination to live rather than give in and accept defeat.

Have a ball with life. Just make sure it’s wrapped up in love.

“Life is like a bouncing ball, it’s up, it’s down, it’s all around.” Stephanie Ramey (in honor of Matthew Ramey)


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2 Responses to Ball

  1. jeff noel says:

    David, kids are extraordinarily resilient. We all used to be one. What happened to us?

    • David says:

      Something stopped. We are less flexible now. More cynical. If we are not kept properly inflated we lose our bounce. So I guess I’m here to pump (clap) you up!

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