It starts with recovery

Choose your cast and train them right

You don’t build the product for yourself. You need to know what the people want and build it for them.
Walter Elias Disney

If your company isn’t omni channel or offering integrated solutions to your customers’ liking, you may find yourself scrambling for business. Today’s wide open access via phone, internet, mobile apps and traditional brick-and-mortar stores puts pressure on companies to have products or services available 24-7. And if you don’t? Well, it gives the saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” good meaning.

This is where recovery comes in. What is your company’s plan for recovery? You don’t have one? I was in the same boat.

POS failures in my current position has now forced me to develop a recovery strategy to try and win the business back (retain customer loyalty) with very little expense. As consumers change their behaviors, business owners have to adapt often with very little if any warning.

The recovery process is just as important as the manufacturing process which is just as important as the marketing process which is just as important as the selling process.

Disney’s Approach to Quality Service from the Disney Institute was my second favorite course. As I approach the 10th anniversary of partaking in this wonderfully immersive experience, I’m reminded of the portion of the class that dealt specifically with service recovery and how important it is to guest satisfaction.

When you have over 20 million (yes, that’s million) guests in a year, you have opportunities where your service doesn’t meet your standards or the expectations of your guests. Even if you hit it right 99% of the time, that still leaves 200,000 guest experiences that require some form of recovery. At 365 days a year, that averages out to around 55 service recovery incidents every single day. You would have to have a team that did nothing but work on guest recovery with numbers of this magnitude.

Since most of us will never see 20 million transactions in our lifetime, it does not lessen the dependency on having a program for recovery that every employee can implement at any time when necessary.

Stay tuned for more on some tips for making the recovery process a standard practice for your business.

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