Monday’s Motivation – February 8, 2021

Whatever it is, be good at it.

Happy Monday! Here is #2 of the Monday Motivation series.

We started this last week with a quote about motivation. This week continues on that thought with another jeff-ism.

“What are you prepared to commit to for the rest of your life?” jeff noel

Motivation to accomplish a thing requires a goal. Your intensity will vary over time toward that goal but your focus should never be distracted from the end result.

The world is full of distractions. And there are even more unfulfilled dreams that have faded into nothingness. Do you do things to remind you of your goal every day? Maybe you’re a visual learner so having a picture or a drawing that you see may be the trick for you. Audio leaners may listen to podcasts or watch videos of trusted individuals with a track record of success. Maybe you have a family member, friend or work colleague that you bounce ideas off of. Don’t lose that connection.

Become emotionally involved. This type of connection is hugely important, as this will motivate you to keep moving forward.


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