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Wind and fire

Have you ever noticed the relationship between wind and fire? The same wind can put out a small flame and feed a large inferno. So can the words from your heart. They can overpower the weak when delivered without care … Continue reading

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Reach for it

You’re not good enough. You’re not living up to your potential. You’ll never amount to anything. . . said no motivational speaker ever. Do you realize the motivational power you possess? No, really. Think about it. Take a look at … Continue reading

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How do you bring life to your business?

Do you love your job? Like it? Dare I ask if you hate it? One of the steps at bringing life to your business is to check for a pulse. Hopefully yours is fine. But what about your business? Running … Continue reading

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Plays well with others

Whether you’re reading a eulogy or a resume, it is great that this can be said of you, “plays well with others. ” Are you a team player? If so, there’s a large complex project that could use someone like … Continue reading

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It’s not rocket surgery

Success doesn’t come overnight, unless you’re a laxative. The steady progress made by doing the right thing day after day, working hard toward your goal, putting one foot in front of the other . . . that’s the secret formula … Continue reading

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