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A sweeping view of heroes gone. Where do you feel safe? Do you have a safe for your valuables? How about a safe room in the event of a storm? Do you live in an area where there are safe … Continue reading

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Wind and fire

Have you ever noticed the relationship between wind and fire? The same wind can put out a small flame and feed a large inferno. So can the words from your heart. They can overpower the weak when delivered without care … Continue reading

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A little or everything?

Do you specialize or generalize? It can be a product, a service, or advice in general. One of my goals each day is to educate someone while they are in my store. It may be that they were misinformed or … Continue reading

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Relax – Just say no

Deadlines. Special requests. Account payables. Favors. It can be overwhelming at times. And you still have customers to take care of. You do know it’s okay to say no, right? Prioritizing requests and organizing your regular duties may mean you have … Continue reading

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Presidential series

Thanks to everyone for contributing to the last series as I featured quotes from our Presidents, some known and some unfamiliar. . . the quotes . . . not the presidents. Your comments and support have been overwhelming and humbling! … Continue reading

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