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If not you, then who?

If you’re not around to take care of the details, who will take your place? Communication is key. Before his death, Walt Disney envisioned a Utopian city where people would live, shop and work, showcasing to the world the innovations … Continue reading

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Anyone there?

You call but no one answers. You go by and the lights aren’t on. You start to think something is wrong. You wait in the parking lot for a sign. You start thinking about alternatives. You go somewhere else. ============================ … Continue reading

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You have one job

Meet Elisa. She’s the one carrying the umbrella on the left. Why is she carrying anĀ umbrella? Well besides the obvious fact that it’s raining, she is out there because of where she works and what this location means to the … Continue reading

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Excellence or conformity

I overheard a radio talk head yesterday discussing “deflate-gate”. If you’re not sure what it is you can Google it for all the fun details. Anyway, the host was talking about it and he made the following observation: “Excellence is … Continue reading

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Are you on the right track?

Are you sure you’re headed in the right direction? How would you know? What gauges do you use? When you see the path before you, the choice is easy. The choice is also safe. No blind spots, no hard turns, … Continue reading

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