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Excellence or conformity

I overheard a radio talk head yesterday discussing “deflate-gate”. If you’re not sure what it is you can Google it for all the fun details. Anyway, the host was talking about it and he made the following observation: “Excellence is … Continue reading

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Recognize. Reward. Reinforce. My friend and mentor, Jeff Noel, has been recognized by his peers for his outstanding career as a Cast Member at the Walt Disney World Resort. He was awarded the Walt Disney Legacy award, not just for … Continue reading

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What does excellence look like?

Do you have a clear picture of what excellence looks like? You practice it every day right? Yeah . . . I fall short too. Sometimes I fail miserably. But the thing with excellence is you keep trying. Shoot for … Continue reading

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Why is most service poor at best?

Have we grown accustom to receiving bad service that we no longer are outraged by it? Cellular phone providers, cable companies, banks and most utilities have some of the worst customer service known to man. “Your call is very important … Continue reading

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We don’t have a rule for that

Do you have rules and procedures in place to figure out how to interpret your rules and procedures? Madison, known as the “Father of the Constitution” understood what it meant to have a system of rules in place. No rules, … Continue reading

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