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Something for somebody

Do you include giving as a part of your life? I’m not talking about giving back. I am referring to the way you use your talents and gifts to benefit others. If you’re rich, you can give money. If you’re … Continue reading

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Secret Tips

How much are you willing to pay to find out the secret to success? I’ll admit. I’ve spent a lot of money and so have others in order to receive training and education in their respective fields. It’s great to … Continue reading

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It’s catching on

We were walking through the Georgia Dome back in November during a band competition. My son sees this sign and yells to me “Hey dad. They know you!” Not yet son. Not yet. Tweet

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Bottom line

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase it. They either focus on increasing revenues or decreasing costs. Instead of it being an either or situation, how about giving your employees greater ownership in the company? I don’t mean making … Continue reading

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