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Bottom line

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase it. They either focus on increasing revenues or decreasing costs. Instead of it being an either or situation, how about giving your employees greater ownership in the company? I don’t mean making … Continue reading

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Give me a 10

Our microwave died. It was built 11 years ago. So we go shopping for a new one. The main purpose was to check availability and prices. We didn’t really plan on making a purchase tonight. But we found what we … Continue reading

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They can’t do it without you

If your job was listed on an accounting ledger, would you be classified as an asset or a liability? What is your boss concerned with when he/she goes to sleep at night? If you want to make yourself an indispensable … Continue reading

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Move all the way to the front please

There is a reason why it’s best to “block and face” and have your shelves fully stocked. And it’s personal. I ventured out the other day to work. Did payroll, filed a few things, printed some reports. It was a … Continue reading

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How to make your service legendary

My son got a Kindle for Christmas last year. He has always been a great reader and the Kindle has helped his love of reading mature. A few weeks ago we found his Kindle looking like this. A quick web … Continue reading

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