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How can you read this and not smile or cry? Helps put everything in perspective. Hallelujah that the cure rate is over 80%. Tweet

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Revise, reuse, repurpose

So your original plan didn’t turn out to be all that great. Do you scrap everything at start from scratch? Sometimes it’s better to do that. Since a lot of energy, time and talent has already been spent, instead of … Continue reading

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What’s at the heart?

What is at the heart of your organization? Is it your brand? Is it your location? Is it you? While you may not be located in a place or have an iconic structure located in your town square, it’s you … Continue reading

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Our loss, heaven’s gain

Taking a break from the norm to pay tribute to a gentle man. Always a kind word, always a gentle spirit. Our loss, heaven’s gain. You will be missed Eli. Tweet

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Customer service lessons from the Wizard of Oz

David. Come on. Really? The Wizard of Oz? How can a make believe world about a place located on the other side of a rainbow relate to customer service? It’s pretty easy. If you’re a bank teller, an auto assembly … Continue reading

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