The goal of all goals

Do fireworks go off when you reach your goal?

In setting goals, what would you do if you had the opportunity to set the goal of a lifetime? You only have one shot at getting it right.

What do you think it should be? Should it be a goal related to your business, your family or yourself?

Yes, there is a personal reason why I’m asking these questions. But before I reveal the case and the goal I would like to hear from you, the reader.

What is/was your biggest goal so far in life? Was it a decision based on moving to a new city and accepting a job? Was it deciding whom to marry? Was it more personal like deciding to quit drinking or smoking? Or weight loss?

Whatever the goal or decision, I would be grateful if you would share your goals/dreams/life altering decisions here on my blog.

The courage and inspiration you’ll show here will help others who are at a crossroad and need to know which direction to turn.

Ready? Go!

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3 Responses to The goal of all goals

  1. Jeff Noel says:

    To hear, “Well due, my good and faithful servant”.

    PS. owe you a guest post.

  2. Brandon says:

    I agree with Jeff – which of course for that to be an option requires a big decision prior to that which is of course placing our full faith and life in the hands of Christ. The single most important decision we will ever make in our life.

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