Follow your path

Greetings from Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield, an important battle site during the War Between the States.

Staying on the marked paths helps preserve the natural beauty of the park.

Have the courage to forge your own path.

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4 Responses to Follow your path

  1. Jeff Noel says:

    But what if I destroy, as prevailing wisdom (the sign) suggests?

  2. Jeff Noel says:

    Morning. Waiting patiently. 🙂

  3. David says:

    Is destruction part of the growth process? If Lewis and Clark had never been sent out on their journeys by Thomas Jefferson, what would we have missed?

    I say this for others to consider. I know a crazy guy, who set out on a crazy mission, to write a crazy blog for 100 days in a row. And look where it has taken him? A deeper look at himself, a deeper appreciation for his family, his job, and pretty much everyone he comes in contact with. What would have been the result if he had stuck to the same path as everyone else? I would say he is on a path. . . a path of excellence. He has tried to destroy the type of thinking that makes ruts in the paths of others, bogging them down when a little rain (adversity) comes along and turns their path into a river of muck and mire.

    So, a new path can be laid out destroying conventional thinking but still maintaining the beauty of the surrounding area. . . maybe even reveal it more.

    • Jeff Noel says:

      David, thanks for your encouragement. There are any times (as recent as yesterday, and 30 minutes ago) I think it might be better to consolidate five blogs into one.

      But then I’d never know.

      Just because it’s been over three years and what I hoped would happen hasn’t yet, doesn’t mean it’s not a great path.

      Your note is timely, important, and appreciated very much. Thank you.

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