Did you move?

Is it haunted? Doesn’t look like anyone lives there.

No. I didn’t move. Thank you for asking.

Someone commented that they kept checking in but they didn’t find anyone answering the door when they knocked.

I missed some time blogging on a regular basis. To my loyal followers, I apologize.

What if your business was only open every other day? Once a week? Your product/service would have to be totally amazing in order to have a loyal following.

Building consistency with your brand will also bring many rewards.

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5 Responses to Did you move?

  1. jeff noel says:

    Happy Sunday.

  2. jeff noel says:

    PS. I know that guy.

  3. Patty Hebert says:

    Your apology reminds me of my daughter who called to apologize she would be late for her grandfather’s birthday party. There was a major accident on the highway and she was stuck in traffic. My response was — Are you safe? Her answer was yes. That is all that matters. No apology required. But a few prayers for the accident victims while your sitting in traffic… That would be a good thing.

    Praying that you and yours are safe.

  4. David says:

    Working on resolutions. There are several problems on multiple levels but everyone is safe. I have let it consume my thoughts instead of taking action. Worry, fear, dread. Three words I do not like yet they were woven into most of my thoughts.

    Things are better and I now have the opportunity for helping to make changes that matter in the lives of several people, including my own. We are very blessed.

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