No real excuses for bad service

No excuses for excellence.

I really shouldn’t have asked the question yesterday as I did. There should be no excuses for poor/bad customer service.

Common excuses are given in order to deflect attention and responsibility away from the guilty party. Excuses like:

  • It’s not my job.
  • I’m overworked and service isn’t a priority with this company.
  • The company hasn’t equipped me with the right tools to deliver great service.
  • The customer is in a bad mood.

And these are all excuses for what? For being rude to the very people who are helping you turn a profit! If you have excuse members on your team, maybe it’s time to turn them into excused members.

1. Hyper focused training doesn’t always work. Giving a lot in a little time.
2. Politics penalize.
3.  A lot of money is spent on recruiting, hiring, and training new employees. Are you sure you got the “right” one?

However, such policies cost businesses money in other ways. They create a situation in which customer needs are only met after long delays, or not at all. The result: Consumers take their business elsewhere.

Don’t let them take yours!

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