Just the basics please

Certainly not perfect but they set a very high standard.

Certainly not perfect but they set a very high standard.

If you are in the widget business, are you making them or just selling them? Are you the shipper? Do you handle returns?

Are you the company that makes the boxes the widgets are shipped in?

Whatever your role may be, you should understand that the training for your job isn’t a one time thing. It’s an ongoing process of training, evaluating, retooling and retraining.

One key element of training is communicating your company’s culture.¬†Disney is an industry leader in this area. From the design of their Casting Center, Disney establishes the importance of their culture from the beginning. They even extend the show business perception, hiring for roles in a production, not people for jobs.

So when you are hiring for your business, be up front about your heritage and traditions. Let your applicants know your values and quality standards. Empower your recruits to make a difference in the lives of your customers all while supporting your company’s culture.

“At Disney, we operate on a first-name basis. We go about our work in a businesslike way, but we feel that work can be fun and that we can all be friendly and cheerful while we are doing the things we are assigned to do. We believe that everyone in our organization is important.” Walt Disney (1901-1966)


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