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Just the basics please

If you are in the widget business, are you making them or just selling them? Are you the shipper? Do you handle returns? Are you the company that makes the boxes the widgets are shipped in? Whatever your role may … Continue reading

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How deep is the ocean

Do you get strange questions from your customers? From your employees? Be prepared with the answer regardless of the question. Sometimes you have to read between the lines to know what’s really being asked. Tweet

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And if I ever lost you

Do you track your customers spending habits? How can you get them back when they are gone? Are you in tune with them so well that you know when they haven’t shopped with you in a while? In most cases, … Continue reading

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Hire them and keep them

It’s no secret. One of the biggest successes of a business is its people.┬áIt can also be one of the biggest blunders. How can you tell which one it will be when you hire a new employee? Unless you’ve got … Continue reading

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Is inspiration dead?

Well, I thought it was. And then I saw her. She hollered my name across the room. That made me smile. She came out from behind the counter with her arms spread wide, her smile wider. And that almost made … Continue reading

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