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Turning the page

It’s another year. May the blessings of last year continue this year. May the tragedies of the past continue to fade away. I hope you make mistakes this year. Not because I want you to fail. But because I believe … Continue reading

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Day 1

Happy New Year! Today is day 1 of a new book . . . your journey into 2013. What are you willing to accept today as the right step toward making your dreams come true? Is it different from what … Continue reading

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It’s here

A new blog. A new goal. A new lease on life. We are not granted passage to tomorrow. Please go to my new blog here. It’s not a replacement. I’m going nowhere. There’s too much at stake to give up … Continue reading

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Making it grow

Growth. Some consider it to be the opposite of death. You probably have a plan of growth for your business. At least you should. But what about for yourself? What are you doing to invest in your growth? Tweet

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You’re grounded

No. You’re not in trouble. While it may be a fairly common punishment for children, it’s got a different meaning for adults. To be “well grounded” means living a life based on a solid foundation, based on reality, principled. While … Continue reading

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